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The pedicab co-op in Austin Texas
Supplying safe and sustainable pedicab transportation options for Austin's finest people.

Bike People in Motion Pedicab Syndicate

BIKE People in Motion Pedicab Syndicate ("Bike P.I.M.P.S." for short) is a collective of seasoned pedicab owner/operators, each with years of professional pedicab experience. Because we operate cabs that we own as individuals, each ride has its own special flavor and amenities.

If you want a basic ride from an inexperienced kid, look for one of those other "big fleet" operations in town. but if you're looking for a unique pedicab experience in the care of a professional operator who will ensure a safe and enjoyable ride, roll with the Bike PIMPS! Contact us for advertising rates and to book special events.

If you're looking for a job, we're not hiring. The big fleets hire new riders all the time. We don't. Bike PIMPS only takes on experienced pedicab owner/operators with a demonstrated history of safe, responsible operation.

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